Senior Application Developer at Enrolmy

Enrolmy provides booking & activity management software powering some of the world's largest kids activity providers.




Senior Application Developer


Andrew Martin

An eighteen month, full-time senior development role at Enrolmy Limited (2022~2023) primarily focused on upgrading an ageing CakePHP stack into Laravel (v9/10), developing and documenting API endpoints as well as implementing new application functionality from Figma and other information architecture direction.

I developed and released Enrolmy’s new, core authentication API and UI to replace the previous CakePHP-driven authentication route by customising Laravel's Fortify, Jetstream & Socialite packages. Federated SAML single sign-on facilities to accommodate enterprise customer authentication as well as social Oauth authentication flows and MFA.

Brand-new Staff Rostering facilties built entirely in Laravel with Livewire & AlpineJS driving the front end.

As part of the role, I managed version control commits/branching and team merges with git & Bitbucket and drove builds through Atlassian Bamboo pipelines into AWS infrastructure for deployment. Project management and ticket-based workloads managed via Atlassian's agile platform Jira.

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