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chopstik builds great internet applications using the finest open-source web technologies. we believe in the open-source software movement and lovingly craft our code using the php scripting language and store the bits & pieces in the mysql database server.

we offer full commercial-grade hosting services on unix servers. our hosting service is flexible and we can accommodate your website and e-mail needs easily. we don't place limits on the number of e-mail accounts or aliases you have or the amount of disk space or bandwidth (within reason!). there is effective spam filtering, backups and reporting included in the single annual charge.

we've 28 years experience in the internet industries in europe and australasia and have built many websites and web applications for individuals and businesses.

we can maintain or modify existing applications you may have in place or custom build an app to your requirements. we occasionally contract our services on a freelance basis within your organisation. whatever your web needs, get in touch for a free quote or organise a hosting package.

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we've developed many sites and campaigns over the past decade, several are listed below:

> tuatara design store
> talent now
> northland dive
> gallery helena bay
> easy ink
> bnz save the kiwi
> tropical resort jobs
> kakapo recovery
> liquorland
> big fish creative
> newspapers in education
> louise campbell
> nissan pao
> the copy room
> daddy fresh music
> supercharged
> homebrokers (defunct)
> fingerlickin records
> beathut
> skiworld special events
> wandering minstrel
> unkle (now, altered)
> underworld
> reflector training (defunct)
> media pool members clubs
> frukt & five eight
> kling kling
> aei mobile (now, altered)
> nicks music studio (defunct)
> mrs jones
> 5 clarence square (sold)
> mini (now, altered)
> peperami (now, altered)
> p&o cruises (now, altered)
> mticket™
> get ahead
there are many open source applications available, we've had experience with several on a regular basis:

> CakePHP (development framework)
> Joomla (content management)
> Magento (e-commerce)
> WordPress (personal publishing)
> CMSMS (content management)
> Drupal (mvc development framework)
> osCommerce (e-commerce)
> jQuery (javascript framework)
> ActiveCollab (proj. mgmt & team collaboration)
> Slide Show Pro (media gallery & management)
> Adobe Air (rich internet applications)
> iPhone Apps (iphone application development)

useful links:

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> contact chopstik
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we operate a sophisticated tier 4, commercial-grade hosting service. e-mail accounts, disk space and bandwidth limits are all flexible so we can meet the different needs of each client. the physical servers are on the west coast of north america and have sophisticated physical and virtual backup and redundancy in place.

for NZD$150, GBP£75, USD$120 per annum you have access to as many* POP/IMAP e-mail accounts as you require, e-mail aliases, databases, and space to put your website, plus the network bandwidth to make it all possible. *all within reason! full hosting details & sign-up

> FTP & SSH access
> Internal & External MySQL access
> PHP ver. 4 or 5
> Ruby on Rails containers
> Data Backup (local & remote)
> Visitor & Error logs/reports
> POP/IMAP & webmail
> MailProtect spam filtering incl.

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> industry experience

chopstik has over 12 years experience in the Internet industries in Europe and Australiasia. we've worked in technical and marketing roles for a range of organisations, including: Advertising agencies, Web agencies, client-side for employers and our own businesses.

our primary focus is on developing mobile applications and web based business applications. we've a wide range of skills, from the purely technical: writing middleware and structuring back-end database systems to more design-led services: interface graphics and brand identity elements.

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